It’s hard to believe I just started modding/building this spring. I’ve been absolutely consumed trying to learn as much as possible about circuit design.
Here’s most of what I’ve done to the pedals I’ve got in rotation:

1: Russian V8 Big Muff
Tons of components swapped for less gain/more clarity. Silicon/germanium switch. Dark switch for less treble.
2: Purity Control
Deluxe bazz fuss Built from scratch on veroboard. Nice thick fuzz or booster.
3: Pep Box
Built from a ghost effects kit with added output capacitor blend for huge bass.
4: Superfuzzz
Rehoused black cat superfuzz with tone toggle replaced with a pot to blend between the 2 preset tones.
5: Small Clone
Added depth pot and chorus/pitch vibrato toggle.
6: Rat 2
Semi ruetz modded for bigger bass.
Replaced stock IC with LM308. Vintage/clean/turbo clipping switch.
7: Shredmaster
Repaired broken board mounted footswitch and input/output jacks.
Modded for slightly more gain and treble.
8: 90s Vintage Rat
Semi ruetz mod for more bass and lower gain. Swapped footswitch and added status LED
9: Vox distortion booster (the bastard)
Basically completely rebuilt to not sound like garbage.
10: Ampeg Scrambler reissue
Added status LED. Added mild treble filtering.
11: MXR a/b box
Added internal phase reverse switch for output B.
12: (un)Holy Grail
Colorsound one knob fuzz built into the reverb path only with gain and filter controls.
13: DOD phasor 490
True bypassed/LED. Toggle switch for dry kill aka “vibe” mode for mellower phasing.
14: Deluxe Memory Man tt
Built a tiny external footswitch/expression pedal to control any expression mode. I usually use it to turn the modulation on and off on the fly.

Seriously Darrell
Get a life.

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